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About the company

Our mission is to upgrade and modernise products from different manufacturers. We provide support from concept formation stage to product design. 

  • We create business solutions, aimed at providing “smart” space to all homes. We want to bring future into today.
  • The global experience of an international company lets us realise the concept of a “smart home”. R4S can fully integrate advanced tech tools to bring your home into the future.
  • Global software and hardware specialists combine with the latest R&D advances to achieve full creative potential.
  • Creative thinking has lead to steady growth and expansion of our partner and employee network.

Our goal is to revolutionize lives by freeing up the daily routine, and making life easier than ever before!

  • Singapore

    Ready for Sky LLP
    4 Lorong 19 Geylang #06-01
    Singapore (388489)

  • Poland

    ul. Artyleryjska 11
    08-110 Siedlce, Poland
    tel.:+48 795 566 885

  • China

    QianShan, XianZhou, Zhuhai city
    #1, F5, Building 38, LiSi cun, 1st industrial area, 519000, P.R.
    tel.:+86-177 0756 3305

  • Russia

    Sverdlovskaya nab, 44, letter Yu, BC "Zima"office 601