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Ready for Sky

Ready for Sky (R4S) – is an IOT (Internet of Things) platform that combines smart devices and consumer services into a single eco – system. R4S solutions integrate smart ideas into everyday life.

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Home and family

  • Creation of home network of smart devices
  • Shared access to appliances and services control
  • Household tasks planning
  • Consideration of individual needs of each family member

Nutrition and health

  • Creation of menu according to personal preferences and restrictions
  • Interactive recipe book with built-in cooking start in one click
  • Water consumption recommendations
  • Health indicators’ monitoring
  • Medications and vitamins taking reminders


  • Creating and posting the content to social networks with the help of a personal assistant
  • The first social network for owners of IOT solutions
  • Users’ gamification inside the application


  • Voice or sensor orders of food and other goods
  • Creation of regular purchase orders
  • Recommendations for the goods purchase based on the analysis of consumer behavior
  • Extended loyalty program
Nutrition and health
Home and family
personal assistant for voice control of smart appliances.
marketplace for ordering consumer goods and services.
user recipes aggregator.
mobile planner.
personal fitness trainer in your gadget.

Smart home from Ready for Sky

Make your device smart

Make a variety of dishes and drinks from your smartphone in 1 click.
At home
Keep your house organized with minimum efforts.
The smart system will create comfortable temperature and air humidity.
Turn the lights on according to schedule to wake up easily in the morning and not to waste electricity each time you leave home.
Security sensors
Learn about any unexpected incidents in your house and take immediate measures.
Monitoring and control systems
Adjust the scenarios for the smart devices interaction and automate your routine tasks.
Fitness gadgets
Your health always stays under control.

Ready for Sky mobile application

  • A single application to control all R4S smart appliances
  • User services aggregator
  • A marketplace, that unifies consumers and products
  • Secure, reliable data transfer Protocol similar to financial services security systems

For developers

Create your own Smart devices

Business solutions

Internet of things for effective business growth

Become a partner

Increase your turnover by selling via marketplace

A complex solution for creating your own line of smart devices

Over 200 ready-made devices for production launch
Free development that helps you to reduce your company's R&D costs
Ensure a steadily growing consumers demand
Get guaranteed income from innovative products sales
Free technical and advisory support