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"Ready for sky" is now on the HUAWEI AppGallery!
The Smart Control App "Ready for the Sky" is now available in the HUAWEI AppGallery store.
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"Ready For Sky" - Smartizing for everyone
Smartize any technique on the R4S techno base: choose it from our collection or offer your own.
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Results of Smart-Spring
It seems that only yesterday, when the front door sensor was activated, our heater turned on to the full, saving everyone from the cold. Summer has already come and it's time to sum up the first results of Smart-Spring.
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"Olesya", turn on the light!
52 million smart speakers with a virtual assistant were bought by residents of China back in 2019. It's a 41% of alloverworld deliveries. It is very difficult (read: impossible) to break such a record.
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The kettle has lost sync with the smartphone, what should I do?
On Android smartphones, if geolocation is turned off, the connection may be lost. Or rather, access to a Bluetooth scanner. Therefore, the application simply will not see your favorite teapot. The standard "fix" procedure is to enable access.
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