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I can hear you.

First voice assistant Sky

Ok, Sky
I am here. How can I help you?
I'm cold, turn on the warm floor
At what temperature?
At 26 degrees
The warm floor is turned on
OK, Sky
Turn the heater on
The heater is turned on at 20 degrees
Ok, Sky
Glad to hear you again
Turn the multicooker on.
Please, select the mode
The multicooker is turned on
Ok, Sky
Hello! It's me
Make coffee
Ok, Sky
How can I help you?
What is the water temperature in the kettle?
Seventy-five degrees, you can brew green tea, if you would like
Ok, Sky
How can I help you?
Turn the socket off
The socket is turned off

Together is easier.

We have created a multifunctional voice assistant. It is up to you to make it perfect.

Voice Assistant Center SC-200S

  • Heater
  • Multicooker
  • Coffee-maker
  • Kettle
  • Socket