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SkyScales 741S-E

SkyScales 741S-E


The kitchen gadget is synchronized with the smartphone and allows you to easily control your diet. The Ready for Sky mobile application shows the correct product weight, its calorific value and also the ratio of proteins, fat and carbohydrates in on-line mode. If necessary the application will calculate the calorific and nutritional value of a cooked dish and save all the information about it making it possible to properly create and correct your diet plan in future. The measurement range of the smart scales is from 2 grammes to 5 kilogrammes with the measurement accuracy up to 1 gramme. For ease of convenience it is possible to select the measurement unit and weigh products in grammes, pounds or ounces. Tare deduction function allows for weighing products straight on a plate. The built-in timer is useful when making dishes in several stages as at the end of every stage the smart scales make a beep sound informing you of the necessity to add new ingredients. The stylish SkyScales 741S-E with a high-quality LCD display and ultra-slim design will ideally fit into a modern kitchen interior.


Ready for Sky. Expand the boundaries of your freedom.


Measuring range2-5000 g
Measures1 g
Measurement unitsgrammes, millilitres/pounds/ounces
Number of high-sensitivity sensors4
DisplayLCD with illumination
Type of controlsensor
Battery3 x ААА
Ready for Sky remote controlyes
Data transmission protocolBluetooth v4.0
Supported operating systemsiOS and Android
Automatic shut-offin 5 minutes
Overload indicationyes
Overall dimensions
251.2 x 151.2 x 215 mm
Net weight (without battery)520 g
Package:- Kitchen scales
- User manual
- Service booklet
- 3 x ААА battery
Warranty2 years
* The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.