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SkyManager option in the Ready for Sky application

SkyManager option in the Ready for Sky application

Each time the Ready for Sky developers update the application they try to make it more user-friendly and useful. Thus, the SkyManager task planer appears on the left of the menu. To start using the planer you do not need to download additional features on your smartphone. This application allows you to check whether the iron is turned off or not. You can start cooking waffles in one click from the multibaker recipe book and create a reminder for buying flour or sugar in case you are missing them. You can also plan any other important things.

The SkyManager provides 500 templates for typical tasks. All templates are divided into 60 important thematic groups, such as "Payments", "Car", "Beauty", "Rest", "Sport", "Housing", "Travel". You can quickly find and set up a necessary reminder. The app will remind you to pay the fines on time, get the coat from the dry cleaners, buy gifts for friends or put your passport in a bag before leaving for the airport. The templates cover almost all spheres of life, and what is more, you can add and save your own template. Thus, the next time the task setting will not take you much time.

It is simple to create a reminder as well select the category, a desired task and specify the date and time in the option "Term". You can also set the frequency of a regular task, such as payment for utility services. If you need to clarify the reminder, add a description in a special field. Now, you will not forget the name of the dentist or what type of tea you need to buy as a gift.

You can find all the tasks on your smartphone screen in the calendar sequences. For example, SkyManager will remind you to withdraw money from your bank account before going to the market and will show you all the things planned for a certain period of time.

Completed tasks are archived, so you can monitor all you visits to a physician and see when you replaced the air purifier filter the last time or when you passed inspection, made chest x-rays and took drugs. The templates are especially useful when you don't have time to create a task.

If you have a Sky device, you do not need to install the task reminder. It is already integrated into the Ready for Sky application. Even if you have no REDMOND smart appliances, the reminder with pre-installed templates will be available in the application. SkyManager is a perfect solution for busy people!