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Ready for Sky will demonstrate its novelties in China at the Canton Fair 2018

Ready for Sky will demonstrate its novelties in China at the Canton Fair 2018

On April 15-19 the Ready for Sky company will participate in the first part of the 123 Canton Fair*, which is dedicated to technical innovations. The company will present its products at 15 stands, located in different halls of the Pazhou show space.

Ready for Sky is a developer of the hardware and software IoT platform, which allows to create a single space for all home electronic devices. The users do not need a central hub to control the appliances any more. Now, all the customers can control the appliances with the help of the smartphone via the installed Ready for Sky application. From the smartphone the user can remotely control his smart devices, select operation modes, cook and create a comfortable environment in the house. In other words, the R4S appliances user always remains connected to his/her house, wherever he/she is.

Centralized smart home control from the smartphone is one of the most convenient and promising solutions as for the users and for developers of smart devices. The company has already developed more than 200 smart devices (small household appliances). Having integrated the smart technology device in its brand line, the manufacturers can quickly and easily release a wide range of smart products under their own name.

Currently, the Ready for Sky platform includes more than 200 smart devices of different categories. They can be controlled remotely from the near zone (at a distance of 15 m) and from anywhere across the world. Ready for Sky also prepares to launch the control technology of connected devices with the help of voice commands. The company is working on integration with the leading voice systems Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit and Alexa Amazon and is developing its own voice assistant, the SkyCenter, that will be launched in 2018.

Together with the key partners and household appliances manufacturers the Ready for Sky company released the concept of a fully Smart Kitchen. All the home cooking technologies can be already controlled from one smartphone! With the help of the Sky appliances you can cook and make sous-vide dishes in the multicookers and mutikitchens, make roasted and slow-cooked dishes in the smart oven, make moist steaks on the grill and cook homemade pastries in the versatile multibaker. Each kitchen device has its interactive cook book, integrated in the application, with the help of which customers can start cooking in one click. The company is also working on the integration of the possibility to order ingredients from the application. Now, the user can not only make up a menu of homemade dishes, but immediately - via a single application - order all the ingredients to realize his/her culinary ideas.

All the participants of the Canton Fair 2018 will get information about the R4S technology and see how it is implemented in the final product on the example of the wide range of smart appliances: grills, irons, heaters, air humidifiers and other smart devices. In addition to the smart devices Ready for Sky will demonstrate a smart cord, SkyCord, which allows the users to make any appliance with mechanical control smart. On the company and partners’ stands the Ready for Sky representatives will demonstrate a series of presentations, showing how easy you can control the appliances from the smartphone without big financial and time costs.

Ready for Sky invites everyone to get acquainted with remote control advanced technology in Pazhou pavilion at the stands 1.2 K35-36 and 2.2 E27-28, as well as at the stands of partners brands:
   -  Aijia 3.2 J01-03;
   -  Enaiter 4.2 F 01-02;
   -  OUZEE 1.2 L17-18;
   -  TIANXIANG 3.2 H56-59;
   -  the Orchid 1.2 N10; 2.2 L29;
   -  HUAYU 4.2 F19-30;
   -  JIULIN 3.2 K03;
   -  HYDER33-34 1.2 (G);
   -  The CONWIDE (GOTECH) 2.2 B34-36; C13-15;
   -  MAYOOR 1.2 F31;

*The Chinese exhibition-fair of export and import goods (Canton Fair) is the largest trade fair in China which has been held since 1957. Each time nearly 200 000 people from more than 200 countries and world regions visit the fair. International platform offers many opportunities for open negotiations, establishing professional contacts and promotion of products.