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Ready for Sky at CES 2018 in Las Vegas

Ready for Sky at CES 2018 in Las Vegas

The representatives of the Ready for Sky Company have visited the international electronics exhibition Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Exclusive technologies and gadgets with artificial intelligence became the main theme of the show. Some of them will be implemented in the future and the others will be implemented this year

Every year CES gathers big companies and unknown startups together in order to present the most incredible innovations in the field of electronics. Initially, the exhibition specialized in personal gadgets. Today, the spheres of the devices applications have expanded. They can be used in medicine, educational institutions, the automotive industry and agriculture.

Last year CES underlined the importance of artificial intelligence. Companies continued to develop the direction this year. Google, Amazon and Apple introduced systems for a smart home and named them as the main trend of the year. This trend is a voice assistance which allows you to make the Internet search and control home appliances with the help of voice commands. In 2017, Ready for Sky also released Its SkyFriend voice assistant.

Voice assistant

While Google, Amazon and Apple are making their voice assistants "for every purpose" with the Internet access (search for information about the weather, traffic, movie, etc.), the Ready for Sky voice assistant focuses particularly on the control of the home smart appliances. The Internet access for information search and commanding will be an additional option.

Smart appliances control

SkyFriend receives voice commands from the user and switches necessary devices on/off. If it is cold in the apartment, you can turn the Ready for Sky smart heater SkyHeat on by sending a voice command. If you would like to drink a cup of tea, you can ask a smart kettle to heat up water by simply saying: "Kettle on!" Or, you can say" Kettle, heat up water for Oolong tea" and it will heat up water to the desired temperature for brewing this type of tea.

Safety solution

The speakers like Amazon Echo and Google home send the user's voice commands to the online cloud storage. Those commands are processed by remote Amazon and Google servers. It gives opportunities to any hackers to hack into the system, as the voices commands can be caught in the net. SkyFriend functions differently. It sends commands directly to the devices. The Ready for Sky voice assistant, despite the Network connection, does not send the voice commands to the remote servers. It converts them to electronic ones. As a result, there is no possibility of hacking the system and realizing an unauthorized control of the smart home appliances. Thus, no amateur hacker will be able to realize negative scenarios in home appliances control. And this is a SkyFriend key advantage.