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New Features of Smart Socket SkyPort 103S

New Features of Smart Socket SkyPort 103S

At the end of 2018, the team of developers and engineers of Ready for Sky presented an updated version of the smart socket SkyPort 103S: the gadget has new features and a base of ready-made cases of interaction with appliances at home.

The smart socket SkyPort is a universal smart adapter with which more than 30 mechanically controlled home appliances can become smart*. Install the SkyPort in a stationary socket and control the connected appliances remotely via the mobile application Ready for Sky.

Until recently, the appliances connected to a smart socket could only be turned on or off. Now, the application offers ready-made scenarios for these home appliances, which can be easily customized for yourself and your mode. What is it and how does it work?

Use the SkyPort to create a favorable climate in the apartment or in the country. For example, connect a conventional heater to a smart socket and use the preset mode for the heater: Apartment, Balcony or Country House. By activating the Apartment scenario, you can set the time to turn on the appliance shortly before your coming back home. When you are at work, the appliance will turn off and will not waste electricity. If you have made a mini-greenhouse on the balcony, use the Balcony mode: and the heater will continuously heat the air and will not allow the plants to freeze.

Using the SkyPort, you can forget about the question "Is the iron off?" You can always find out the status of the appliance on the "Iron" tab and turn it off, if necessary, even if you are far from home. If you iron things every day in the morning, set the "Safe Mode" – smart socket will guarantee to disconnect the iron every day at a specified time.

You're going on vacation, and there's no one to look after the apartment? The SkyPort will help to create the effect of presence and protect the house from the visit of intruders: connect the lamp to a smart socket and set the schedule of connections inside the Lamp scenario. The light will periodically come on, creating the illusion that someone is at home. You can also use the Alarm Clock – the light will turn on every morning at a certain time.

The SkyPort will allow you to make a schedule for the water heater. This, again, saves energy, and therefore money. The water heater will warm the water in the morning, to your awakening, or in the evening, to your return, and in your absence will not work.

Connect a series 6 ordinary multibaker and grill to the smart socket and grill and the application will offer you built-in recipe books with a preset cooking timer. You will be able to cook in one click from your smartphone and add your recipes to the book.

Your home can have multiple smart sockets and all of them can be controlled through a single application for all smart appliances. Set your name for each socket, and you will not make a mistake while controlling them. The SkyPort allows saving energy and protect your home: wherever you are*, check whether any electrical appliances are working at home or not, and if necessary, disconnect the appliance from your smartphone.

Connect any home appliances with mechanical control and power of no more than 2.2 kW to the Smart Socket 103S: TVs, multimedia systems, irons, night lights, humidifiers and much more and create your own smart home based on Ready for Sky.

SkyPort 103S offers more than 30 smart solutions in one click!

* Only 1 appliance can be connected to the SkyPort 103S.
* With R4S Gateway connected.