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Innovations of the Ready for Sky company at Russian Internet Week ‒ RIW 2017

Innovations of the Ready for Sky company at Russian Internet Week ‒ RIW 2017

Russian Internet Week is one of the major annual events. It brings together five industries at once: Internet, telecom, media, soft and IT. RIW is the place where the modern trends and recent developments are discussed, experience is shared and Russian high-tech industry achievements and innovations are showcased. Such notable companies as IBM and Microsoft were the partners of RIW. The representatives of Google, WebMoney Transfer, YouTube, Mars Inc, Johnson & Johnson gave their presentations. The format of the event allows the communication between recognized experts of those five industries, employees of Russian and foreign companies, as well as statesmen, media representatives, mere participants and internet users. The multi-threaded three-day forum, Internet EXPO exhibition and high-tech show were held within the RIW 2017. The Organizers and participants made many presentations and promotions. One of them was the technical manager of the Ready for Sky company Alexander Bulavin. He gave a speech called «The transformation: preparing for the era of the independent household appliances» in the section «Internet of Things 360° ‒market from all the angles».

New users got the better idea about the basic principles of the Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT) on the example of the R4S technology. They were also told about the dynamics of the IoT development in Russia: “In the future, "things" should start acting and influencing the surroundings around us independently from humans . For example, a multicooker or a fridge will be able to order the necessary products without customer’s interaction based on his/hers preferences and needs”‒ says A. Bulavin.

«If earlier devices interacted with the users, then now we can talk about large-scale M2M connectivity in homes of appliance users». The company representative explained what he meant on the example of hi interaction principle of devices for climate control. «If a fan, heater or a humidifier is connected via the SkyPort then the smart weather station SkyClimate will analyze the temperature, humidity and air impurity level in the premises and will send the signal about the optimal operating mode to the corresponding devices».

The technical manager of the R4S company noted that there are preinstalled operating scenarios in the Ready for Sky app for the majority of different devices connected to the SkyPort. «The lamp, for example, can turn on and off automatically to create the presence effect of house owners while they are on holidays». Besides, Bulavin mentioned as an example the multibaker with the cookbook embedded into the app, from which you can start cooking dishes in one click.

The concept of the Internet of things is actively developing in Russia. Alexander Bulavin emphasized that more Russian consumers are interested in the "smart home" technologies than other users around the world.