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Ready for Sky presented its innovations at the international exhibition IFA in Berlin

Ready for Sky presented its innovations at the international exhibition IFA in Berlin

Visitors of IFA-2017 – manufacturers and users of the newest household appliances – were presented with the Ready for Sky technology for controlling appliances at a distance. The development of the company’s experts represents the one-size-fits-all remote-control solution, which is easily integrated almost into any appliance at the production stage.

The end user can control appliances via the self-titled Ready for Sky mobile app on his/her smartphone or tablet. In the near-field area (up to 50 m) the signal to control the smart appliances goes through a Bluetooth channel and the far-field control is performed via Wi-Fi or GSM internet*. Thus, the user’s smartphone or tablet becomes the single control center for the connected smart devices. The user can check settings for the smart appliances with Ready for Sky installed at home at any moment, adjust parameters of the device operation, enable or disable them. IFA guests could appreciate the technology capabilities on the example of appliances of the REDMOND international brand. The visitors of the booth gоt acquainted with the features of the smart multicooker with two bowls CBD100S, smart multikitchen M391S, the illuminated kettle G200S and other appliances.

The Ready for Sky application is distributed free of charge and regularly updated. Smart appliances acquire new features with every new app release. For instance, with one of the latest application updates for the smart kettle G200S there is now a schedule function – the user can set hours of water boiling or heating in accordance with his schedule.

* when using the smartphone gateway or TV box with the gateway function.