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Disco-kettles and coffee makers with the Ready for Sky technology of the second generation

Disco-kettles and coffee makers with the Ready for Sky technology of the second generation

The Ready for Sky engineer and development team has begun to develop software and technological solutions for the next generation of RK-G2** disco-kettles and smart coffee makers.

The smart kettles and coffee makers were launched in 2015 and became widely popular among users. These devices are remotely controllable via the Ready for Sky application. It is possible to set up the activation timer and the operation schedule, adjust and change the disco-kettle illumination and many others functions.

The second generation of smart kettles and coffee makers will be equipped with additional features providing easy and convenient usage of the devices.

   1. Non-volatile power supply of the CPU.

   The new smart coffee makers and kettles will keep all the user setting even during power outage. After power supply resumption the devices will continue to operate in the pre-set mode. The coffee maker will brew coffee according to the timer set up by the user and the kettle will continue to maintain the temperature of the water or boil it according to the schedule.

   2. Water level indicator.

   The second generation kettles and coffee makers will send the notification of the water level to the application. A user can check the water volume in the tank remotely. If the water level drops below the minimum level when you start heating or boiling, the device will send the notification to your smartphone.

    3. Improved illumination and color rendering.

   The kettle illumination helps to set up the mood and fits perfectly the modern kitchen design. The Ready for Sky engineers work on improving the illumination. The colors wiil be more uniform and the transition gradient will be smoother.

    4. Widget for the desktop.

   A special widget button that is displaying kettle or coffee maker operation statuses will be available for the desktop. With the help of this widget you can enable or disable the device without entering the application.

The developers upgraded the device technical characteristics and expanded their features. New kettles RK-G2 and coffee makers will be more functional, reliable and modern. Follow our web-site and Ready for Sky app updates.