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A single global Ready for Sky platform at the International CES in the USA

A single global Ready for Sky platform at the International CES in the USA

The Ready for Sky Company unveiled its latest smart home inventions at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) - the international exhibition of household appliances, robotics and mobile technologies held on January 6-9 2016 in Las Vegas (USA).

 At CES, the Ready for Sky stand displayed the company's core area – a development of remote control technology within the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT).

A Ready for Sky (R4S) technology is a software-hardware platform that allows controlling home devices remotely from a user's smartphone.  A device can be controlled both within one room and at any distance via internet using a special app.

One of the main advantages of the R4S technology, that provoked interest among CES visitors, were high adaptability indicators allowing to easily integrate it into household appliances, lighting systems, climate control systems, etc. 

The Ready for Sky Company represented the following home safety innovations on its interactive stand: an embedded wireless motion detector, a fire alarm device, a wireless window and door magnetic sensor, a tracker, a smart plug and other devices.  

All these devices are controlled through a smartphone from anywhere in the world. After downloading the Ready for Sky app visitors of the exhibition were able to check gadget operation using their smartphones and tablets.  All exhibition guests could also ensure that any appliances can be combined into a single system via the mobile app. 

The company's participation at CES 2016 has led to development of mutually beneficial cooperation with other world IoT device and smart home developers.  One of the important steps in that process was joining AllSeen Alliance. This international consortium aims to create an open software architecture of "Internet of everything" that in future should allow facilitating and accelerating user interaction with the widest range of appliances from home climate control systems to medical equipment.