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Smart fitness tracker SkyBand RSB-10S

Smart fitness tracker SkyBand RSB-10S

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• Monitoring of passed steps and distance

• Pulse, blood pressure and sleep monitoring

• Counting of burned calories

• Notification of calls/messages

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Type of control: sensor/remote

LED display: Bosch 3D

Accumulator battery: 110 mAh

Battery life without recharging: 7-10 days

Tracker memory: 30 days 

Vibration mode: yes

Strap: 250 mm

IP: 67

Housing material: plastic, silicone

Pulsometer: yes

Measurement of blood pressure: yes

NFC: no

Sleep monitoring: yes

Physical activity monitoring: yes

Calorie tracking: yes

Pulse monitoring: yes

Blood pressure monitoring: yes

Maximum operation time: 504 h

Accelerometer: yes

Scenarios adjustment: yes

Data transfer standard: Bluetooth 4.0

OS: iOS 9.0 and up, Android 6 and up

Application: Ready For Sky

Dietary records: yes

Water consumption records: yes

Product barcode scanner: yes

Fitness coaching: yes

Reports: distance, number of steps, number of storeys, calories urned, calories eaten, etc.

Social network: yes

Competitions: yes

Smart home control with the help of gestures: yes

Net weight: 25 g

Overall dimensions: 20х250х10 mm

Package Includes:

— user manual,

— service booklet,

— USB charger

Warranty:12 months

* The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.