What we do

Ready for Sky (R4S) has a mission to upgrade and modernise manufacturer`s products.
We provide support from concept formation to product design.
Now find out the details about operation principles of the single global Ready for Sky platform

Hardware solutions

We receive the manufacturer`s device or appliance.

Software solutions

We install a convenient, secure facility for remote control from anywhere. A single R4S application on the user`s smartphone or tablet.

Smart Home System

Make your products Smart and connected from anywhere!

The Smart Home System can be used

in a huge range of devices and appliances

Complex solutions to simplify your business
  • We create business solutions,
    aimed at providing “smart” space to all homes. We want to bring future into today.
  • The global experience of an international company lets us realise the concept of a “smart home”. R4S can fully integrate advanced tech tools to bring your home into the future.
  • Global software and hardware specialists combine with the latest R&D advances to achieve
    full creative potential.

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