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Smart climate station SCS-15

Smart climate station SCS-15

$22,61 / Pieces
Min. order: 1 IC (5000 pcs)

• Temperature sensor

• Humidity sensor

• Atmospheric pressure sensor

• Air pollution sensor

• Synchronization with REDMOND smart climate control appliances

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Power: 56 mW

Voltage: 5 V

Light indication: 2 colors

Dimensions: 90x40x30 mm

Minimum supported Android version: 4.3

Minimum supported iOS version: 9.0

Housing material: plastic

Color: white

Package includes: blister, user manual, coloured box, USB cable, service booklet

Application: Ready For Sky

Air quality sensor: 0 ppb - 1187 ppb

Humidity sensor: humidity measurement from 0% to 100%

Temperature detector: measured temperature from - 20 to +60

Wire length: 1 m

Bluetooth: 4.0

Pressure sensor: 225-829 mm of mercury

Sound module: yes

Power supply connector: micro USB

Memorization discreteness: 1 time per 10 min

Statistics storage time on the device without connection to the phone: 6 months

Warranty: 12 months

* The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

More information

Solution: PCB

Product dimensions (cm) L×W×H: 9,2×4,2×2,9

Leading time: 5-6 weeks