What we do

The world’s experience of the international company allows implementing the Smart Home concept that is diverse in its technological content and introduction of promising tools. The harmonious combination of the innovative R&D solutions with the long-term practical experience of the best hardware and software maintenance specialists allow the company to fully implement all your ideas.

Hardware solutions

We receive the manufacturer`s device or appliance.

Software solutions

We install a convenient, secure facility for remote control from anywhere. A single R4S application on the user`s smartphone or tablet.

Smart Home System

Make your products Smart and connected from anywhere!

The Smart Home System can be used

in a huge range of devices and appliances

Complex solutions to simplify your business
  • We create business solutions,
    aimed at providing “smart” space to all homes. We want to bring future into today.
  • The global experience of an international company lets us realise the concept of a “smart home”. R4S can fully integrate advanced tech tools to bring your home into the future.
  • Global software and hardware specialists combine with the latest R&D advances to achieve
    full creative potential.

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