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Smart shopping on your smartphone: launch of the SkyMarket service in the Ready for Sky application

Smart shopping on your smartphone: launch of the SkyMarket service in the Ready for Sky application

In the updated Ready for Sky application the SkyMarket smart shopping service started working in test mode. Now, controlling a series G2**S smart kettle-lamp SkyKettle from your smartphone, you can order some kinds of aromatic black and tonic green tea. Make an order and arrange convenient delivery from the application in one click.

Ordering tea through the application is the first step towards the launch of the SkyMarket service, which will soon work in full mode. The SkyMarket will allow owners of smart kitchen appliances – multicookers, ovens, grills, kettles, bakers and multibakers – to automate urgent and regular shopping.

In the SkyMarket, you can create shopping lists and set up a delivery schedule so that your products and basic necessities are always at hand and never run out. And you don't have to spend a day off at the supermarket to shop for a week.

In the future, you can create thematic shopping lists in the app, for example, for a child's birthday party, a friends' party, or a traditional family picnic. By adding all the necessary products for the event to the list, you can make all purchases in one click.

For all kitchen smart Ready for Sky-based appliances the application provides cookbooks. If you like the recipe, but you don't have any ingredient for it, you can order the delivery of the necessary products for the selected dish without leaving the application using the SkyMarket service.

The SkyMarket is not the only consumer service created to simplify and automate your daily routine. At the moment, the SkyManager is already implemented in the application. This is an electronic task scheduler, with which you can quickly and easily arrange work and home routine, and do not forget about any important event. The SkyManager will notify you when a responsible meeting or a significant date is coming.

In 2019, it is also planned to launch the SkyRecipes service, which will allow you to add your own recipes and cooking notes to the application, as well as share recipes with other users. In addition, you can receive thematic collections of your favorite recipes: breakfast, baking, meat or vegetable dishes and many others.

Consumer services in the Ready for Sky application are aimed to automate your daily home routine. By organizing your daily routine, you will free up time for effective work, communication with your family, favorite hobbies and new experiences.